Ibrahim Khalil is a talented singer and songwriter in the Yezidi music scene.

Born on May 5th, 2000 in Al Hasaka, Syria, in the midst of a family of musicians, he was born with a passion for music. He started singing when he was just 8 years old. At the age of 11 his parents supported his wish to study music and let him attend the music school in Al Hasaka.

He has lived in Germany with his family since 2012. He attended the Clemens-Brentano European School in Lollar, near Giessen, where he graduated. In his free time he continued to practice his passion, songs to lyrics and singing, and in 2012 he published his first song on his own, entitled "Beje beje". In the following years he played other songs like "Heyo" or "Bvnm", which were very popular. He also wrote several songs for other greats in the Yezidi music scene, including Jangir Broyan and Arthur Safoyan. His musical style is varied and includes pop ballads as well as traditional Yezidi folk music.

Several magazines, including Naska Musik and ProClip, on Lalish TV have reported on him and he has been interviewed several times. He was also named the "most sought-after artist" by the Ezidische Gemeinde Hessen e.V. His fan base is growing steadily and he regularly performs in front of large audiences in different countries. Despite the growing popularity, it is important for him to stay humble and not lose touch with the audience.

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